Now it's Easy to Convert OST Files to PST!

You must be aware with basic difference between OST and PST files. If you are not then here you can gain some better understanding about their uses in Outlook   How to convert an OST file to PST?

What is PST File? PST file is created by an outlook user to store all or some of the emails in the local Hard Drive on their computer. Usually people create these files in Exchange Sever environment because of limited space assigned to them on the Exchange Server. So user can move their older email form Exchange Server to their .pst file by doing this they can create some space on the server.

What is OST File? OST File is also created by Outlook user to work offline and it's a replica of your mailbox stored on the Microsoft Exchange server. Basically it is an email cache file. In this case all your emails are stored on the Exchange Server as well as on your hard drive to synchronize on the local machine.

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Some Reasons of OST File Corruption:

There can be multiple reasons for your OST file damage or corruption; some of them are listed below.

Any of the above can be reason of your OST file damage or corruption. In this situation to recover our OST file you need to look for any reliable third party software which can help you to recover & Convert OST Files to PST file in their original shape. To recover such damage, Company has developed an excellent OST Recovery Software that successfully recovers and convert OST Files to PST.

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